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On a dock, by the sea, a young boy wishes for a seafaring storm to make landfall and this storm, hearing him, alters its course.  Now, as you must understand, I find this considerably peculiar.  Most younglings possessed of such powers are at least aware of their gifts and, if even that is not so, those around them tend to notice the errant levitating stone or song conjured out of nothingness.  Yet Elam, wrought of a magic perhaps too grand for proper noticing or beyond anything one might expect to see, has not a shadow’s notion regarding the wonder within himself.


The Euservian Legends are a series of books based around the old tenants of high fantasy—the type of world one cannot help but get lost within.  It has magic and magical creatures, empires and peoples, legends and lore.   


I began this series my senior year in high school without knowing it, writing a short story that would go on to win a contest, become a book, get a publishing deal, and win an award.  I put so very much into this series and plan to add more.  It, in my own opinion, is my best writing. 


The series takes place in a threefold land, with heaven above with angels and the divine, hell below with demons and the dark, and the world between with dragons and mortals.  There are normal humans, but also are superhuman descendants of the old blood with great power; in between there are the one hundred, various races given kinship with other kinds.  Magic pervades the world, giant sentient crystals hovering over the lands, while living storms drink the seas.  Abominations and monsters roam the forests, caves, and wastes, and empires rise and fall. 


All told, it is typical high fantasy in every way, but oh so unique.


Khaa is a part of a greater whole; a Khaahn is that whole made complete.  There are seven Khaa series in the Euservian Legends whole and I have written the first book of the Fifth Khaa: The Words of Elam. 


This book is dear to my heart.  It was the first book I ever completed and all the ridiculousness and joy that surrounds it are worth a whole part in any biography of me.  This is a strange piece, however, in that it is complete and readable—in fact, I think it’s my best writing.  Unfortunately, the deal with my publisher fell through due to their breaching the contract (though I got to keep the advance) and my aftertaste is somewhat sour.  As such, I’m holding on to this book, waiting for the opportune time to publish or self-publish it, wanting to preserve the story’s integrity.  After that, I will continue the series as a whole.


Imagine a young boy's single small decision condemning his best friend to die just before her twenty-first annual.  Imagine them aging to adulthood, all the time growing to know each other, learning to love one another, only to be separated by Death due to the man's boyhood choice.  Imagine a love shared between them so strong that the young man will risk everything, combating his greatest fears, braving an immense storm, and warring against the very essence of evil, all on the untested promise of a legend.  And finally, imagine something beneath it all guiding the young man toward a purpose far grander than himself.


Read The Words of Elam and follow Fate, a being of near omniscient knowledge, as it tells the story of Elam and the young man's quest to open "The Door".  Watch as Elam's calling intertwines with a trans-millennial war between angels, dragons, and demons, merging the destiny of a single woman with the three worlds of Areth, Solereth, and Hadereth.  Explore a fantasy universe of living storms, supernatural warfare, and a place where free will and destiny merge within of The Cord, an intricate, ultimate design.


The other Khaa are not nearly as developed as the fifth, though I do like to plan ahead. 


The second, for instance, takes place in the desert, focusing on a blind warrior who fights against the collective clans to establish a better way of life for all.


The third takes place in a magical academy, students beginning a war with darkness before they have even graduated.


The fourth concerns a great war and the collective efforts of many to oust the invading army.


The sixth is more political and revolves around the acquisition of a throne.  This one is a bit peculiar in that I began it with an theater adaptation for my masters before anything else.

Final cover design before the contact was dissolved

(Art by me)

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