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Yeah, I write stuff, but where can you find it?  Well, there's not much here right now, but I plan on having a smart, sleek little catalog below with my work, little descriptions of everything, and clickable links.  Be patient, though, as this will come with time.  Support me by reading and the collection will grow.


500 years after abandoning Earth, corporate powers battle for supremacy in games of advertisement, investment, and espionage.  The pragmatism of the modern battles the wisdom of old when the old ways are questioned.  Tensions rise as the New Humanity Initiative threatens to break with traditions honored for by The New Earth Imperial Order for the sake of human survival.


Yet something monolithic prowls beneath the surface, tendrils of influence affecting everything.

J.P Starwind and his crew pilot Legacy, an ancient ship full of mysteries and technology.  But will it be enough to to keep them alive when their enemies close in?  And is survival enough when everything around begins collapsing?

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The plan is to record my writing in audio form.  I have a fondness for audiobooks I cannot succinctly express.  When I was younger, my dyslexic self had trouble reading.  The National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped provided cassettes (sort of wonky rectangular tape dispensers that used magnets and magic to make sound happen) for me and thousands of others with audiobooks on them.  Without that in my formative years, I not have ever become the writer I am today.  

As such, I try my best to make everything I write accessible to those who have similar issues.  


Honestly, I have no current plans to attend any conventions, mainly because it's a bit outside my budget and beyond the scope of my wee, fledgling fandom.  Would I attend if people want me to and I can afford it?  Yes.  Would I cosplay my own characters because cosplay is awesome?  For sure!  Would I join writing/gaming/whatever panels?  Absolutely!

The truth is I absolutely would love to attend cons and meet fans and the like.  Like I said, though, it's a bit early for that.  But if a group of you are attention a con and want me to come, send me a request on the contact me page.  Who knows?  It might just be possible.


I read a bit here and there, but being dyslexic means I mostly do so with audiobooks.  Yet I'm not the type of arrogant author that dismisses the validity of other forms of media.  I love TV and movies, but gaming has been a part of my life as long as writing.  

I don't play multiplayer games often—I'm more of a campaign guy myself—but occasionally a good multiplayer campaign comes around and I'd love to play with fans.  


The exception is games with a strong build element, such as Terraria, Minecraft, and Factorio; I often play those when listening to audiobooks or watching movies.  Those might be fun to play with others as well.


I also plan to stream/let's play in the future—both older games that I have come to love and need to replay and new ones that catch my eye. The current plan is to start off small and see how things grow.

Whatever the case, whenever I do something live, I'll make sure to keep you informed.  Twitch does that, right?  Also, Twitter; I don't use it much, but will for the purposes of keeping people informed.

Find me on the gaming communities below (they're clickable).

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