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The world is indeed full of peril, and in it there are many dark places; but still there is much that is fair, and though in all lands love is now mingled with grief, it grows perhaps the greater.


My name is Matthew J. Mimnaugh and I'm an author.  That's how I start every query letter I write, which might explain a lot.  

I'm a writer and have been pretty much all my life.  My first publication came when I was eight years old; it was a goofy little poem about a girl I liked.  Romantic, right? 

It wasn't until my freshman year of college that I decided to make a profession of writing, however, and that lead to a bachelor's degree in professional writing and a master's in creative writing.  

All told, I wouldn't say I'm exceptionally talented when it comes to prose or poetry; I can turn a memorable phrase now and again, but that isn't what makes my writing worth reading.  That, dear readers, is my somewhat peculiar way of looking at things, solving problems, and otherwise being weirdly creative.  That, and a ceaseless sense of wonder, a tireless penchant for digging at cause and effect, and a tenancy to ignore the impossible.  

If there is anything I like more than writing and creating, it is getting to see others get enjoyment, wisdom, or any personal benefit from my work.  Stories are for sharing. 


I write speculative fiction.  I’ll be open: everything else doesn’t really interest me.  There’s something about the way fantasy, science fiction, and the spiritual alter setting that is essential to me.


I write carefully.  I say carefully, because I cannot quite manage “perfectly.”  Nevertheless, I studied engineering and physics and it shows in my writing; I go the extra mile to ensure every little thing is thought trough for causality’s sake.  When it comes to science fiction, I work out the math, though when it comes to fantasy and the spiritual, that means I orchestrate the entire system that makes the magic and ghosts do their thing—and it hurts sometimes.  I’ve thrown out entire chapters and parts because something I overlooked invalidates the plot.  Like I said, I’m not perfect, but you can expect a good degree of thought when it comes to my writing.

I write honestly.  My work contains a lot that people might find uncomfortable and perhaps downright atrocious, but I do so to reflect the world we live in.  Sometimes it means a scene so brutal and horrifying that I myself am sickened; it has happened on more than one occasion.  Nevertheless, what that provides is a real, genuine sense of triumph when a victory is achieved.  I can make no apologies for such things, but I do my best to provide ample warning.

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