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Book 1: A Hole in Heaven's Eye

About the Book: 

500 years after the Great Exodus, tucked away in an obscure galaxy where mankind can mend itself in peace, JP Sol Starwind and Danther Minth run from an outstanding gambling debt. But debt is a wolfhound and its owner, Khal Dowin, is a hunter. And, after seven years of running, they have finally been found... or have they? 

What if Khal knew exactly where they were the entire time? 

What is the millions of credits Danther owes is simply a means of acquiring something more valuable? 

And what if this insignificant spark of everyday human conflict happens to burn near a powder keg... an errant coincidence that happens to attract the wrong monster. 

About the Series: 

Simply put, if books are like movies, think of this series like a TV show: shorter per book (this one is 148 pages, including illustrations), but longer as a whole; more episodic in nature, but with an overall longer form; and a very strong emphasis on how the moment ties into the grander story. Are you ready?

Softcover Copy (+ signed + free eBook) 

$1̶9̶.̶9̶9̶  15.99    +$5S/H Domestic



Please note, this is a WIP store, as I am currently looking for a service to take over fulfillment.  Apologies for any hiccups, but I'm a fiction writer, not a code writer.  Let me know if you see anything that could be improved upon and please don't forget to leave a review here, on Amazon, and Goodreads, if you could.  Thanks!

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