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My Very First Post: Info About the Blog

As the title says, this is the first blog post. I’m not going to do too many of these, namely because this just isn’t my type of writing. Also, whenever I try to press myself into a weekly/bi-weekly/daily type schedule for these things, they all tend to feel forced. Also, all the time I spend blogging is time I don’t spend writing the stuff most people actually want to read. So, here’s the deal: I’ll do blog stuff when I have good reason, okay?

But what is good reason?

Site updates probably qualify, as do personal and professional ones. If someone asks an AMA question that I can’t answer succinctly, that’s a good bet too. Sometimes I just have a particularly pressing thought that develops into one or maybe I just feel like sharing why I use two spaces after sentences instead of one. *space space*

All things considered, you might find a gem or two here, but it isn’t a scheduled thing—again, because it’s not the most productive use of my time (but you get more fiction, yay!).

What I will do, however, is link blogs that I think do a particularly good job of, well, blogging.

The first is that of Ari Meghlan, The Eternal Scribbler.

I first came across Ari on DeviantArt back in 2010 when I thought writing could survive on a site mostly dedicated to visual media. I was using a proxy to tunnel past my university’s ridiculous website blacklist at the time (DeviantArt had nudity and, apparently, college students can’t handle that) and stumbled on some writing tutorials.

Long story short, I found Ari’s advice on writing sex scenes. At the time, I hadn’t ventured too far into the literary bedroom, so to speak; I had had my first book contract by then, but the story’s romance was pre-young adult. Nevertheless, I had a story in mind that involved characters with a lot of romantic tension and decided it was worth a read. I ended up reading these two articles:


Other Link

They were informative and well executed, covering a broad swathe of sex-related subtopics, including pre, during, and post-sex; execution (as in sex vs. romance vs. erotica); and the various bodily functions and how to describe them without sounding, to borrow from the English I’ve been exposed to lately, a right nob.

The thing that most caught my curiosity was the handling of rape and other instances of sex without the romance, such as prostitution, partners not in the mood, and so on. Take a read for yourself, though be forewarned: they are for mature readers only.

She had just been starting her blog at that point, but now it is well developed and full of information. She has great advice and a dig into her blog is well worth your time. Check her out and subscribe if that’s your thing:

Other, Other Link

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