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If I can entice you a little and if you think my writing is worth continued existence, please consider supporting me financially.  There are links below with different dollar amounts, rewards, and incentives, but let me give you the less nuanced version. 


My name is Matthew J. Mimnaugh and I am an author. Like any other person who consumes food, likes to have a residence, and is bound by life’s annoying little rules, I need an income. I’m am just sub-comfortable with my job right now, but I would love to write for a living. What author wouldn’t?


After weighing my options, I have decided traditional publishing doesn’t offer enough flexibility, while simple self-publishing is a death sentence for someone as inept on social media as I am.



As crazy as it sounds, I do not have a Patreon or another funding platform.  There have been some disturbing trends of people getting de-platformed or banned due to their beliefs or perceived beliefs and, frankly, that has me concerned.  While I doubt I am not anywhere near noticeable enough to be targeted for such abuse (apparently the typical fall involves a pissed off group of anti-fans making a big internet stink), I find the very notion of a company cutting off a person’s livelihood with no chance of appeal or thorough investigation more than a bit off-putting. Consequently, I’m boycotting Patreon, both as a creator and a patron.


That unpleasantness aside, here is my honest plea: I need support to keep on writing.  As of writing this (March 2019), I’ve just learned that my Amazon sales aren’t even going to cover the printing costs thanks to hidden (to the point that they were invisible until I shipped my stock to them) fees and my, admittedly financially questionable, decision to print color illustrations.  So, between the cost of running this little writing endeavor, including paying the editor, illustrators, and printers; buying software; hosting websites; schooling, and all the other stuff that goes into this, well, a significant portion of my income from my “real life” job is going into keeping the writing afloat. 


That said, this is the beginning and like any artist/craftsman, the success is a function of exposure, no matter how good the product is.  So… I need help. 


I am a world builder, digging into the nuance of every little detail in order to determine if everything works. I have adopted the methods of Tolkien, who devised languages, created maps, and even tracked the phases of the moon for his work. For my part, I work the math behind my science fiction so physics work, create mechanics and logic for my magic to operate rather than pulling deus ex machinas out of nowhere, and do my best to create complex, believable characters that have purpose behind their decisions rather than “the plot demands an argument here” type situations.

I create complex and weird creatures that breath humor into dark stories. In one story, I have a sentient crystal that has a predilection for strong smells. In another, I have a troll that can’t consistency count to 10, but manages to become an information broker because the faerie folk only speak with the simple-minded. I even have a dancing spider the size of a dinner plate that somehow manages to be adorable despite being, well a dancing spider the size of a dinner plate.

My stories are hard core in their deference toward reality. They include sex, violence, and depravity, but also hope, love, and honor. I fill my worlds with bad situations where no answer is right, or no answer is wrong, or no answer makes sense because this existence is full of ridiculous situations and improperly constructed sentences.


As a writer, I write things. Yup. That’s how it works.

Now, as to what I write specifically, well let’s get into that, shall we? For one, I generally don’t dabble in small things. My short stories tend to turn into novellas, my novellas into books, and my books into epics. I can’t help it. Really, I have actually tried.

When part of your writing process is always digging one step deeper, you tend to get attached to worlds. Imagine spending hundreds of hours developing something only to scratch the surface; it would be like flying to another country only to explore the airport.

To that effect, my series are epic tales, broken up into smaller pieces. While the portfolio page will give you a better taste of the writing itself, let me introduce you to several of my series:

The Story of


500 years after the Great Exodus, tucked away in an obscure galaxy where mankind can mend itself in peace, JP Sol Starwind and Danther Minth run from an outstanding gambling debt. But debt is a wolfhound and its owner, Khal Dowin, is a hunter.

And, after seven years of running, they have finally been found... or have they?

What if Khal knew exactly where they were the entire time?

What if the millions of credits Danther owes is simply a means to acquire something more valuable?

And what if this insignificant spark of everyday human conflict burns near a powder keg... an errant coincidence that happens to attract the wrong monster.

All the seas churn when the leviathan dances.

Something… toys… with humanity. Things aren’t quite right. The characters in the story don’t know it, but readers will notice subtle, little “wrongs” here and there. Not everything is at it is supposed to be. History is wrong. Society is… wrong.

Whatever it is, it has done a fantastic job thus far of remaining unnoticed.

Yet when a group of unlikely adventurers unknowingly begins pulling at a loose thread, the carefully woven tapestry of lies begins to unfurl. And, like any power would when its plans are interrupted, the thing behind the scenes begins to fight back.



Blood Walker

In a world of steam and gears, top hats and goggles, automatons and spiders well accustomed to using typewriters, I strived to create the first steampunk society that was formed based on science, rather than an author’s love of a bygone Victorian aesthetic. The lightning in the Eltheiri Empire is dangerous—bright enough to blind. Fortunately, in a mirrored reflection of Tolkien’s Lothlórien, the empire of Eltheiri is populated with trees of silver, diamond, and glowing fruit. But this isn’t some contrivance. Silver is the best natural electrical conductor, diamonds serve as a fantastic electrical conductor, and the fruit—actually a fungus—is electroluminescent, providing the tree with nourishing light night and day. You see, even in fantasy, the thought seeps through.

But it does not end there. There are mysterious angel-like beings called Eldar, grand weapons of incredible power, gods that dwell in storms, stone, and the mind alike. Yet even these grand things are but a remnant of the power—The Mantles—that built the world from nothing. And these Mantles have descendants.

The series starts with Blood Walker, a tale of character introduction, world exploration, and mass murder. Someone or something is murdering prostitutes of the city of Stormwatch, capital city of the empire. Yet, while there is unrest after the late emperor’s death—especially aimed at the scarlets he favored so lavishly—something else stirs beneath the surface. Prostitutes aren’t just dying. Something is disassembling them.



This set of stories has a special place in my heart. The series began with a short story in high school that won an award. The story became a book in college, which won another award and the interest of an editor, who had her company’s president offer me a contract within a week. Fellow writers will know: that does not happen.

It was too good to be true, of course, and the agreement fell through. It was a breach of contract on their part and I ended up dissolving it after a couple years of neglect; I got to keep the advance, at least, which was nice. Ultimately, I decided to table the book and pursue a master’s degree. Once I can have a degree of autonomy, I will publish this book; until then, it collects dust.

But enough of that. Let me talk about the story.

The Words of Elam is the tale of a magical child who loves storms. He loves them so much and is so magical, in fact, that he accidentally draws a huge storm in on his village, nearly drowns, and traumatizes himself. But fear not, mentally fractured and nearly mute from the trauma, a young girl breaths life back into him and he grows to love her.

There is a problem, however:

She is destined to die.


There are others, too, but none of them have illustrations yet.  They will be added in time, but for some tastes, head to the Portfolio page.


Yet there are other things that make me stand out from other writers. One such thing is my willingness to accept that sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words and that an illustration is better than any explanation any author can write, not matter what your English teachers believes. My work is illustrated:

Eldar Pre-Release Candidate Sized.jpg
Stormwatch Crop.jpg

As a dyslexic perpetually betrayed by my silly brain, I value a good audiobook and a good audio drama is even better. Audio drama is a wonderful medium that allows a story to be delivered, but leaves room that a movie does not for the creative mind to fill in the details. They also happen to be quite a bit less expensive to produce. Whenever possible, my work is accompanied by an audio version.


If you feel like my writing is worth your time (and you have the money that shouldn’t be going somewhere else), I will earn your patronage. At first, I will be somewhat restricted, unfortunately; there is no realistic scenario in which this fan patronage will cover my expenses any time in the near future. Mid to far future? Well, that’s the dream.

While I can’t offer a fantastic and abundant stream of material (I have a full-time job that demands full-time work), I spend most of my free time working on my writing, in one way or another. In the early days, when the support is minimal, I can at least offer you more one-on-one/small group access. Simply put fewer people supporting me, means more time to each user.

Once things pick up, though, that will mean more writing to everyone. That is when I can quit my job and work full time on writing. At that point, I will be less able to address people one to one, but, hopefully, that will open up other venues, like con meetups, tours, and other things that gets me near you in person. Who knows? I’ve never been in a position to seriously consider how that plays out, so I guess we’ll see.

If you are cool with that, I am honored to receive your patronage. 



For the entry level patron looking to see what it's all about.


Be it a how to video or an AMA while I create a new map in Photoshop, you will be able to interact with me and have input on future projects.  This includes patron-only access to my subreddit, discord, and other avenues of communicating with me.

Contributing to my writing is a sacrifice, big or small. For going out of your way to support me, you are letting me live my passion and for that you have my deepest gratitude.



The things mentioned above? You have those.

Whenever a new eBook is going to come out, you get it for free and two weeks before it is publically available.  This and the following tiers come with a condition, however: while you are free to review these books, if you publish any spoilers, I reserve the right to withhold your copy until public release or ban you entirely.  You have been warned.  (But seriously, please respect others' fresh exposure to the series and avoid spoilers in general; you can only read a book for the first time once, after all) 

For the frugal fan that wants the core content.



For the fan that wants the tangible.



Again, the things mentioned above? You get those.

Whenever a new book is going to come out, you get the option to get it, at cost rather than retail, two weeks before it hits the shelves.  What's more, because all those orders will come in at once, I'll have them sent to me so I can sign them first, personalize them a bit, and send them directly to you.  


At this stage, you are invested in my writing, so I will invest in you. Your questions will take special priority in AMAs, your forum posts will get special attention, and I will otherwise take more notice of you.  There will also be a special section set up for you and your fellow patrons to have a more refined discussion area.



You get the aforementioned things, choosing either hardcover or paperback.

I’m dyslexic and have trouble reading. As such, everything I write will be provided in audio form because I know all too well what that means to the dyslexic, blind, and people otherwise disinclined toward reading.  As for you, you get the audio version of my books, all of which will be read by me (or more talented people).

For fans like me that have trouble reading or wants a movie in their head.



For the fan that wants to make a real impact.




you get all the things from the previous tiers,


Members of the Readers Lounge are trusted with advanced copies of my writing in order to help me iron out the kinks. Some spot grammatical errors, others plot holes, but you are all essential. It is odd to call this job a privilege, but it is in a strange sense, though at this point I feel you are giving me far and away more than I give you. The Reader’s Lounge also comes with access to exclusive extras, like live group chat with the group, VIP access to anything I ever do at conventions, and other perks like extra books, stories tailored to you, and direct input. Just ask me, we’ll work things out.

I'll hold a regular group Skype/Discord chat for this group in which you can interact with me directly.  Not sure what we'll talk about, but you can be sure it will help me make decisions about my writing, whether that it brainstorming, mini-Q&A sessions, tabletop, gaming, or whatever the fans fancy,



You get all the things mentioned above.

At this point, I don’t even know what to say. Those members who have been with me the longest, have lent me the most support, be it money, time, or whatever, are my inner circle. If there is something I can do for you, just ask.

For the fan that wants to make a real impact.



For those feeling generous, but don't need anything in return.



No promises, but let me know how I can make your day better... or don't.  I know sometimes people like to be anonymous. (Thanks)


Perhaps there's a particular piece of art you like and want to give a gift to the artists.  You can do that here, too.


I understand, but you will be missed.  Thanks for the contributions in the past!


Don't worry, I understand; life can sneak up on you.  


Hey, if you've made it this far, thanks for reading!  Let me know if you have a suggestion or something.  I would love to hear what you would like to receive as thanks for being a patron, whether it's merch, writing, or whatever.  Let me know!

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