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And God said: “Let Us make man in Our image—after Our likeness—and him have dominion over all the Earth.


But when man—when we—abused our commission, Earth was taken from us.  


We thought we had mastered ourselves—learned everything there was to know about who we are.


…but we were wrong.


We inadvertently created a virus that corrupted our DNA.


It turned man into animals.


Into monsters.


The Law of Seven

In a land of powerful gods that live everywhere from the most dangerous storms to the heart of industry, the deepest mines to every throw of the dice, mere mortals struggle to preserve themselves.  Yet hidden away in the everyday actions of everyday life, pieces have begun moving, a centuries-old dance coming to its final set of steps.  

This day of mine sees falling night,

lo, darkness rots away my heart!

For though I knew death’s final toll,

could it not come for someone old?

—where winter’s grey his mane unmade?

—where golden locks won’t tempt me splayed,

calling to my hands:

lose yourselves within?





On a dock, by the sea, a young boy wishes for a seafaring storm to make landfall and this storm, hearing him, alters its course.  Now, as you must understand, I find this considerably peculiar.  Most younglings possessed of such powers are at least aware of their gifts and, if even that is not so, those around them tend to notice the errant levitating stone or song conjured out of nothingness.  Yet Elam, wrought of a magic perhaps too grand for proper noticing or beyond anything one might expect to see, has not a shadow’s notion regarding the wonder within himself.

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